What Makes Us Different?

No Cracking, Twisting, or Popping of the neck

Orthospinology is a specialty within the field of Chiropractic. It is a gentle, precise instrument adjustment procedure which uses diagnostic images of the spine to determine the cause of your problem.

Gentle enough for the whole family

The spinal correction is gentle enough for an infant, a grandmother with arthritis, or even post spinal surgery patients. It often achieves results where other types of therapy has failed.

Cutting Edge Technology

We use the latest in chiropractic technology to detect and correct interference to the nervous system, utilizing 3-dimensional x-ray analysis and mathematical calculations to obtain your specific correction.

Body Balance

When the body is balanced, it is in a state of health. Body imbalance results from interference to the nervous system.

Customized Care

We know that each person is unique in health and financial status. Here we strive for excellence in customer service and in our patients needs.

Based on over 50 years of research

Orthospinology is based on the research of Dr. John F. Grostic which started back in 1946. Becoming a chiropractic orthospinologist requires many hours of extra study and training as well as an advanced certification after chiropractic college.