Georgia has a pretty active sports culture, being home to several professional athletic teams like the Atlanta Braves for baseball and the Atlanta Hawks for basketball. Of course, we have the Atlanta Falcons for football.

On many occasions, the professional athletes from these fine teams have worked with an upper cervical chiropractor in Snellville.  Their jobs require so much physicality that neck pain is so common. They try out a number of ways to get rid of the pain since their contracts are so strict, and the pay is enormous. Missing out on a game due to any type of body pain is seen as a no-no for these modern-day gladiators of sports.

10 Types of Neck Pain by Cause

Knowing why something happens is winning half the battle. Learn about these ten types of neck pain and what causes them:

1. Neckache due to heavy, imbalanced bags

One of the most neglected reasons people get neck pain is carrying a bag.  When we lift a load or bag on one side of the body, gravity takes over. There is gravity pull on that bag that builds up over time. We may not immediately notice it, but our neck, shoulder, hip, and leg muscles bear the weight. The other side of our body also tries to compensate for the load, leading to more muscle tension.

It is always best to center the weight of a load by using a backpack. Even distribution of weight is a way to avoid neck pain when we have to carry things. If we are using a shoulder bag, try to bring it on the left side and right side of the body at different times to avoid tension and distribute the weight.  

2. Neck pain from repetitive action

Besides sports, some aspects of your job or daily routine also put stress and tension on the neck. For example, leading over on one side as you write or sew clothes can cause neck pain. Sleeping on a bumpy bus ride also makes your neck bend from side to side for some time, causing discomfort and tension

3. Pain in the neck due to bad sleeping posture

Sleeping should be a restful and restorative activity. But if you use a pillow that strains your neck or take naps that always put your body in an awkward posture, that causes neck pain.

4. Neck pain due to slouching

Slouching is never good for the body.  It places your neck too forward and out of alignment with the shoulder.  Sometimes, the way we position our head when we read a book, watch television, drive a car, or use a smartphone also causes slouching. Mind your neck position and overall posture at all times.

5. Neckache caused by pinched nerves

When the spine is out of alignment, some nerves attached to the spinal cord are pinched. Pinched nerves always result in excruciating pain from the neck down to the lower back.  There are also cases when a pinched nerve is not painful, but it causes tingling sensations, numbness, or weakness from the neck down to the legs. Pinched nerves are among the most common reasons people ask help from an upper cervical chiropractor in Snellville.

6. Neck pain due to TMJ disorder

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ), located on each side of your face near the upper jawline and ear, can be misaligned, leading to pain.  A TMJ disorder is when the joints are put out of alignment due to trauma, physical pressure, or forceful accident. In many cases, the pain radiates from the jawline down to the neck.

7. Neck pain from sports injuries

Neck pain is widespread among athletes, not just in Georgia but everywhere on the planet. Neck pain is widespread among those who engage in contact sports such as boxing, martial arts, football, and rugby. As long as a sport requires physical exertion, any athlete can get neck pain from over-exertion, physical collisions during a game, or an accident during a sport’s performance. 

8. Neck injury from accidents

Accidents like car crashes, falls, or slips also cause neck pain. Always be careful when driving or doing work in hazardous locations.

9. Neck pain that stems from arthritis

Osteoarthritis is a condition that describes wear and tear on the cartilage of our bones. A grating feeling on the neck could also be a sign of deterioration in the bones and ligaments in that part of your body. Both conditions cause pain and are common among the elderly or those with other degenerative diseases.

10. Neck pain due to upper cervical misalignment

Whether it is sports-related, due to a worksite incident, or a roadside accident, any misalignment in our upper cervical spine will cause neck pain. People often ask help from an upper cervical chiropractor in Snellville because the atlas bone (C1 vertebra) and axis bone (C2 vertebra) are moved out of their natural positions. The loss of alignment causes pain because a nerve is compressed or pinged, or a ligament is stretched and inflamed.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Gives Natural Neck Pain Solution

When people go to an upper cervical chiropractor in Snellville, the usual complaint is that their neck pain and other body discomforts only ease temporarily. Some painkilling drugs work, and some don’t. People also want a safe, gentle alternative to surgery, which is very invasive and expensive at the same time.

At Humber Chiropractic, people learn about their spine and how misalignments cause pain and other health concerns. The precise upper cervical spine adjustments are made only after the goal and process are explained to a person in pain.  We ask for a patient’s feedback so that our chiropractor knows how a person feels before and after each adjustment.

As a natural pain relief method, upper cervical spine adjustments continue to help people find relief from neck pain and other causes of physical discomfort. Over time, after several adjustments, a person’s body regains alignment at the neck’s critical junctions.  The entire process helps them to regain physical health and wellness.You, too, can benefit from this natural pain relief method. Visit our office or book an appointment with us today.

There are many roads down the path to wellness. Let us help find the one that is best for you.
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